Radical Honesty Retreat Costa Rica

Client: Radical Honesty
Date: January 20, 2020
Services: Film

The Project

In Winter 19/20 I spent around 6 weeks in Central America. Most of the time I lived in Costa Rica at the Cascada Elysiana, a jungle eco-retreat. While volunteering I was meeting a lot of nice people and learned about the environment and the animals.

Towards the end of my stay we had one last retreat: The Radical Honest retreat hosted by one of the owners of Cascada Elysiana, Mak (Michael Kolb) and two other certified practitioners of Radical Honesty. One thing led to the other and we ended up shooting a short video of the retreat.

Relaxation video

Full Production of a promo clip showing the location and the retreat.

Film + Photography

Director of Photography + Directing + Photography


Pacing + Cut, Color Grading, Visual Effects, Audio Design

The Result

Since the whole project kind of evolved by chance, it felt like the expectation were not that high – so even more I had to prove what I was capable of. As a non-practicioner of Radical Honesty it was kind of hard to make out what they were going for in terms of mood and vibe. In the end they were very happy with the choice and quite positively surprised by the images. The best compliment I could get!

Project Info

Video and Photography for the Radical Honesty retreat in Jan, 2020 at the Cascada Elysiana in Costa Rica.

Client: Radical Honesty
Date: January 20, 2020
Services: Film
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