Sim Racing Finals

Client: Racing Fuel Academy
Date: Juni, 2019
Services: Film

The Project

2019 the second Swiss Sim Racing Series took place. A competition where Sim drivers from all over Switzerland challenge each other to be the fastest. This rather young e-sport is now growing quickly in popularity.

I filmed multiple events of the Series, also in collaboration with Porsche but I feel like the video of the finals, wraps up the whole Swiss Sim Racing Series quite nicely.

Event Aftermovie

Directing + Cinematography + Post Production


Director of Photography + Directing + Drone


Pacing + Cut, Color Grading, Visual Effects, Audio Design

The Result

The video captures the tension and the pressure that lays upon every single driver. The skill level is really high and it’s a literal race to be the fastest and win some of the great prices. Nevertheless there is a lot of competing you can tell that it’s a very fair event and all of the people are enjoying their time.

Project Info

Project with the Racing Fuel Academy for the Swiss Sim Racing Series 2019 in collaboration with Porsche.

Client: Racing Fuel Academy
Date: Juni, 2019
Services: Film
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