Not only will you experience a raw adventure, breathtaking moments and memories that will last a life time, but you will capture everything in your own travel video. You will learn how to handle the camera, edit your footage and create a beautiful video which will only be the start to your creative storytelling.


When traveling you never have an influence on the circumstances. So it is crucial to be able to shoot in every environment and get the best possible footage.


Not only do you edit your own travel video, but you learn different kinds of techniques and effects and you will be guided through the whole process.

Creative storytelling

The best films have the best stories. To get the most out of your travel video, you will be guided through your own creative approach and will be shown how to have more impact with your way of storytelling.

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km on the road
or more different attractions
percent unforgettable adventure

The course will take place from January 31st until February 9th 2020 and will cover the full production of your travel video all around Iceland. At the same time Daniel Vaiman, whom I partnered up with, will give a course on adventure and landscape photography. You can find more infos on his course here.

This course will be limited to max. 3 people so I can provide you with as much attention and tips and tricks as possible. Also we will be taking care of accommodation, transport and location organization – so you can focus as much as possible on what really matters. The art of filmmaking.

You can be a total beginner, an enthusiastic intermediate or even an experienced professional. This course is made for everyone who wants to improve their craft. And this is only possible with a small group like this.

More informations on what is included, schedule and pricing can be found here!